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The World's First Financial Markets AI App

Hedge Fund Insights for the Retail Investor by TruthSayer AI

What we Do

We leverage AI to simply answer questions traders, investors and analysts have.

Our "TruthBot" is not just a chatbot. It is a conversation and analytics assistant that brings hedge fund-level complex financial data and visualizations into the hands of the retail investor.

Intuitive user platform from mobile to desktop, will make TruthSayer AI accessible to both new and seasoned investors.

Context-aware Financial Statement Analysis

The TruthBot is able to not only answer questions from standardized financial statements, it is also able to analyze the data and highlight any red flags that might impact your decision to buy or sell equities and fixed income assets.

Multiple Source Data Analytics

Our TruthBot looks at multiple sources, including SEC filings, investor presentation decks, earnings call transcripts, and one-on-one interviews to present a complete picture of over 5,000 equities in our coverage universe.

Executive Insights

Through our partnerships with leading news, data, and executive panel vendors, our TruthBot provides another layer of insights not currently available to the retail investor. 

Full Social Capability

Our TruthBot is not just a Questions-and-Answers bot. It initiates and engages in dialogue with users. We also have full Social capability where users can chat with like-minded investors and learn from each other.   

Get Ready! Release day is Coming Soon

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